Prayer Support

At Kingdom Life Church we love to see the touch of God transforming lives and making people whole – spiritually, physically and emotionally. If you’d like prayer there are many different options, and we can direct you to additional support if needed.


Sunday Prayer Support

Each Sunday after the meeting our Prayer Support team is available to pray with you. We can support you with prayer for any issue that needs God’s intervention, including physical healing and inner healing, and can also pray with you in response to whatever may have been raised during the meeting. And if you’re in need of encouragement, our Prophetic Encouragement team is also on hand after Sunday services to seek God for a word of encouragement for you. For those issues that can sometimes be more of a sticking point, we can refer you on to either our Prayer Ministry or Sozo teams.


Prayer Ministry

Whether you just need a spiritual ‘tune-up’ to help you function better, or more specific spiritual help in a particular area, Prayer Ministry can help. This involves meeting with the Prayer Ministry team on a series of occasions to pray through the steps to freedom (based on Neil Anderson’s Steps to Freedom).



Sozo is a gentle, but powerful, Holy Spirit-led ministry that provides an opportunity for us to grow deeper in God and to resolve inner conflict, turmoil and pain. Although similar to Prayer Ministry, it is usually a one-off session that deals with any lies we may be believing about ourselves, Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, and any wounds that may be hindering our connection with the Godhead and impeding our Christian walk.   Kingdom Life Church has a trained Bethel Sozo Ministry team, and is also a resource church which can support other churches.

For more information on Sozo ministry, click here.