Small Groups

Small Groups

The church has  several weekly, fortnightly or monthly Small Groups which fall within 3 categories; Mission Groups, Equipping Groups and Life Groups. These groups are for regular attendees of Kingdom Life and Forefront Churches (New Life Church). Some are  specifically for one church site, others are open to members and regular attenders of both sites. They run on different days/times of the week and each type of group has a different emphasis for meeting. Small groups are meeting on zoom, in person meetings, or a mixture of both.

Our Mission Groups can cover many areas – previous groups have included Book reviews, Learn to knit, craft, Local History, walking, Healthy Eating. They are ideal for those who wish to find a way to introduce a friend to church without having to go straight for a Sunday meeting! Mission Groups are small, friendly and have a unique theme and purpose.

Equipping Groups aim to instruct group members on a certain topic or in a bible study following a certain passage or topic. These groups help us focus in applying our Christian faith in our everyday lives.

Life Groups are designed for members to connect with one another, ‘doing life together’ through support, worship, prayer and encouragement. 

Sign up is now open for this term’s small groups. If you want to enquire about any small groups, please email