COVID protocols July 2021

Dear All


No doubt you are all aware of the government relaxation of the current covid restrictions that, on the one hand declares that we are free to continue ‘life as normal’, and yet in the same breath warns us to be careful and strongly advises that we continue to use masks and maintain social distancing especially in indoor public settings. This places the responsibility on us as a church to decide how to respond. 


At this present time cases are increasing rapidly and there is a high degree of uncertainty around how this will play out in hospital admissions and deaths, the projections that I have read this week suggest it could be anything between 1000-4000 being admitted to hospital per day peaking around October.

Coupled with this picture we have a number of issues to consider in our context, firstly the safety of our teams; on Sunday mornings we have stewards,worship, children’s and youth work teams all currently functioning. The protection of those willing to serve is of primary importance as they have willingly decided to be at the venue. Secondly we have the safety of the congregation to consider, and we know that there will be a broad spectrum of views, those who would prefer to do away with all restrictions and those who would keep them. Finally we must consider the reputation of the church and the protection of the wider community.

At this moment in time we think it would be unfair on our teams and reckless toward the congregation and wider community to remove all restrictions. Therefore we have decided on the following restrictions for both sites:


  • Masks will remain, but you will be allowed to singing behind your mask.
  • No Sunday booking will be required.
  • Test and trace app/check in will remain.
  • Chairs will be set a minimum of 1m apart to maintain social distancing. Currently the cafe will remain closed as we have opportunity for social interaction outside of both the venues, and a number of socials arranged across the summer.


Town Centre Site only

  • Only 2 persons allowed in either gents or ladies at one time toilets at one time.
  • Our one way system remains in place regarding entrance and exit.


Throughout the covid pandemic we have continued to review our approach as church and now that the primary responsibility rests with us as the elders we will be regularly reviewing the restrictions and we have already agreed to look at these again no later than the end of August. Our hope remains that we can begin to ease these restrictions especially the wearing of masks, but for now we believe that this and the other restrictions need to remain in place.


From the Elders of New Life Church



What to expect at a Sunday Service

We meet together as Kingdom Life Church family on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. Our meetings are relaxed and informal, with a focus on worship and singing, and teaching that is based on the Bible and appropriate to what God is doing today – in our church, our town and our nation.

For us, church life is about pursuing God and transforming lives. With God as our Father, we’re a family that’s learning, growing and sharing together. We believe in honouring and loving each other as we live out our lives as disciples of Jesus, and being a blessing to others wherever we go.

Whether you’ve never been in church before, or have been a Christian for many years, we’d love to welcome you and hope you’ll feel at home. Please come and introduce yourself and enjoy a chat over a free cup of tea or coffee in the Refresh Café area before or after the service.

There are a limited number of spaces directly outside the Kingdom Life Church building in Horsemarket Car Park (free on Sundays), and plenty more in Chalk Lane Car Park (also free on Sundays) – about five minutes’ walk from the church. Alternatively there is a multi-storey car park (Mayorhold) across the road from the church, which again is free on Sundays.