Who We Are

Our Vision

Our vision is to see revival in the church that will advance God’s Kingdom and transform society. We look to restore and raise up people who are passionate for God, committed to the church, and dedicated to reaching our community, our town and beyond.

Our Values

  • Knowing God – we were created for relationship with God and desire for every believer to know God as their heavenly Father.
  • Worship – we are a community that worships God and lives to bring glory to His name.
  • Family – we are part of God’s family and want every believer to know they belong. We encourage practical love and care for one other.
  • Prayer – God loves it when we talk to Him, so we are a community that prays together and seeks God’s blessings in every situation.
  • The Supernatural – we desire for every believer to live in the good of God’s supernatural power and provision because nothing is impossible with God.
  • Mission – sharing with others the good news of God’s love and grace should be the mission of every believer.
  • Discipleship – we value the call to live as disciples of Jesus, to be followers of him. We want to be disciples who make disciples, helping people to find and grow in faith. 

Consistently building these values will help us to realise our vision.