Women's and Men's Ministries

Women’s Ministry

‘Women standing together to grow in the Son’

Called ‘Flourish’, our Women’s Ministry aims to be INCLUSIVE therefore hosting a range of events throughout the year where women of all ages, backgrounds and spiritual walks can meet together to encourage, support and disciple one other. As women we have a unique role in serving God’s purposes, so we love getting together to help each other fulfill our potential in God. We also want to play our part in growing the Kingdom of God so we host events that are brilliant for showing others exactly what it means to be part of a Church family!

To help stay connected we have a WhatsApp group, a Flourish Facebook group and an email group. If you would like to be part of any of these groups then please contact the church office.

For upcoming events, check the KLC calendar and our Facebook page.

Men’s Ministry

Our Men’s Ministry builds brotherly relationships by hosting fun gatherings and social events (like pub skittles, curry nights, indoor go-karting and camping weekends) during the year. Being part of the family God means we’re here for each other. All men are welcome and it’s a great opportunity to bring along a friend.

We have a Men’s WhatsApp group which makes communicating with each other much easier. If you would like to be a part of this group, please let the church office know.

Keep an eye on the KLC calendar and our Facebook page for the latest events happening for men at KLC & their friends.